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The Littleest Phenomenon Baby in the World Gives Smiles Spreading Happiness around.

In the past days in America, those who see this lovely cute little premature baby smile, who came to the world in the weight of only 1.7 kg 5 days ago, understand what happiness is. Anne Lauren Vinje soon shared her baby's photos on a Facebook page called "Love What Matters" and received 285,000 votes in a very short time and shared more than 100,000 times.


Other mothers shared photos of their own babies on Facebook

A mother named Laura Fylnn shared the photograph of her baby She shared this beautiful baby photo saying, "Very beautiful, congratulations" "
" My little girl was born 1.5 kilos. She is now 5 years old and above average for her age. Everyone told me that such weak babies were strong kids when they grew up. I did not believe, but now I see that they say the truth. "


The sweetest smile

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