6 Natural Methods of Cleansing Acne Stains


Natural Remedies for Acne Stains

One of the biggest problems of our day, acne and scars left on the skin negatively affects our daily life. With the cold air coming in our skin is worn out and needs a considerable amount of care.

Why Civilian Creation?

First of all, we have to be women make-up, but unfortunately, these products are chemicals that cause * acne formation in the skin triggers. If we have oily skin and eat fatty foods, these are among the biggest factors in the formation of acne. It is useful to touch the spot immediately and not touch it, so we can increase the risk of leaving a mark on every touch and cause it to spread further.

Other than these factors, we can observe acne formation if we have a life that is intense, tense and stressful.

What should we do to get rid of acne and acne stains?

There are many ways to free our skin from acne scars . However, I need to be patient with the passage of these stains because the duration of staining depends on our skin color and skin type.

Let's examine the natural ones together.

1) Yoghurt and Relief Tozu mask


1 soup spoon strained yogurt

1 sweet sponge relief tobacco


First clean your skin thoroughly with pure water. Then mix the yoghurt and baking powder and leave for 1 hour. Continue to practice one day a week. You will see the decrease in acne spots from week 8.

2) Lavender Cure


1 pinch lavender

1.5 cups of water


First add the lavendals to the watercup and boil for 15 minutes. But be careful not to boil at a high temperature. Slowly siphon the lavas after the boil is done. After a little cold, start to drink. Continue doing this application 1.5 hours after you have eaten your meal every evening. Over time, you will find that acne spots do not exist and that your skin has an excellent appearance.

3) Honey Mask


1 pack of yeast

1 tea spoon honey

1 egg white

1 tea spoon of lemon juice


Mix all the ingredients. Apply to face area except eye and surrounding area. Keep it for over half an hour and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Continue to practice once a week. You will see how acne blemishes disappear over time.

4) Apple juice mask


1 tea spoon apple juice

1 tea spoon of milk

1 egg white (half)

1 tea spoon cabbage juice


You have mixed all your materials. Put a face in a towel sinking this confusion. Stand in your face for about 15 minutes. Then rinse your skin thoroughly with warm water, then apply a cream of nourishment. Applying twice a week. After 2 months, you will be free of acne spots on your skin.

5) Green tea tonic


Green tea

Apple circus


Brew our green tea and leave 1 cup to cool it. After the cold, add the vinegar and put the kavanoza. After thoroughly cleansing your skin every night, apply this mixture to the skin with the help of cotton. This tonic is a very effective method in the past of acne scars.

6) Age yeast Mask


1 year maya

Lemon juice


Mix the yogurt and lemon juice in the amount of the face. Apply your face. Wait for 20 minutes and wash your face with warm water. Say goodbye to the traces of acne on your skin.




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