5 important recommendations from makeup artists!

Makeup is an art. The exquisite makeup that comes out with the magic touches of makeup artists is also a passion for women. We, as the High Heels team, share with you makeup artists' recommendations . Here are 5 things you should know about makeup …

The mirror is very important for makeup!

The quality and beauty of your makeup materials means that you are ready makyaja it does not. For a perfect makeup, first make sure you have the right kind of makeup. Because, the most important material is the make-up. You should get a round mirror that is absolutely portable, with light on its edges. With the right mirror, you will make your make-up more comfortable and more beautiful.

You must make your eye makeup before your skin makeup.

Make your eye makeup first! Because, when making eye make-up, the mascara can be poured into the face or infect the headlight. If you have done your makeup before, you can remove the foundation, paste, coverer while you try to clean the fouling and the charmer. It also takes time to make corrections to restore it. Instead, complete your eye makeup first, then go to makeup for the skin.

Do not overdo it when you are tired!

Most women resort to foundation, closure and dark lipstick to hide the tired look. But this leads to a worse appearance. At such times, instead of making a lot of makeup, prefer BB creams, natural tipped blushes and lip glosses. So you can look more lively and fresh.

Be careful when cleaning the makeup brushes

For skin health cleaning up the makeup brush is very important. However, you should be careful to wash only your tips when washing your teeth. If you immerse the handle, water will leak through the handle and the adhesive will soften there. This causes the hair to fall off and your brush to break.

'Make up as if it was gone!'

The makeup, like gone, is quite popular in recent times. Many celebrity names are now choosing 'makeup as if they were absent' instead of exaggerated makeup. You may think that they are completely without makeup and you can wonder how they look so flawless. Using lightly formulated products, you also have a vivid and natural look as they do.

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