4 exercises that alleviate pain and ease birth in pregnancy

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The comfort of both you and your baby in pregnancy is very important. How about taking a look at the 4 effective exercises that help you cope with the back pain that disrupts your comfort during this period, and which is also convenient at birth?

1. Kegel exercise

The pelvic floor muscles that support the pelvic organs, including the vagina, urethra, cervix, bladder, uterus, small intestine and rectum are called pelvic floor muscles.

Kegel exercises are the best way to get your pelvic floor muscles running in pregnancy. There are many advantages to supporting the pelvic organs, activating the birth muscles, preventing urinary incontinence, and recovering the vagina more easily after birth

With frequent repetition, you can keep the pelvic floor muscles active during labor, allowing the baby to pass through the birth canal easily.

One advantage of this exercise is that it is not noticed when you do it. That is, you can exercise while you are watching TV, reading books, even in the car and watching the TV in the daytime.

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<p> <strong> The construction is quite easy: </strong> </p>
<li> First, feel your pelvic floor muscles. When you try to hold your little toilet for this, do your contractions. Here are the working muscles you feel are your pelvic floor muscles. </li>
<li> The next step is how to control your pelvic muscles. Try to relax your muscles again by catching the same feeling (feeling of holding a small toilet). Repeat this practice by counting up to five times, keeping your muscles for five seconds and then slowly releasing it again in five numbers. </li>
<p> As time progresses, you can extend the five-second period of exercise to seven and ten seconds. </p>
<li> If you want to make more exercise of the pelvic floor muscles easier and make exercise more difficult, shorten the duration of the stiffness and increase the frequency. So find your pelvic muscles with the feeling of holding your toilet, hold it for three seconds and leave it for three seconds and repeat it ten or twenty times. This way you can further strengthen your pelvic muscles. </li>
<h5> <span style= 2. Cat – camel exercise

An effective exercise in which you feel relieved from the moment you first made it, which effectively flexes your back muscles both during pregnancy and at birth is also a cat-camel exercise.

For this exercise, which is quite easy to make, first come to the four-leg position with your knees and hands and get the cat position. Keep your hips and abdominal muscles tight. Tilt your head forward by pulling your tummy in and lift your back up. Then lift your head up and pit your waist down.

Repeat these two postures ten times afterwards, remember to check your breath while you are acting

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<h5> <span style= 3. Pelvic tilt

Effective in the muscles of the belly, as well as in the abdominal muscles, is an easy exercise that relieves your stomach, which is where your baby begins to grow.

Lay your back, twist your knees and press your feet once. When breathing, push your muscles back and forth with your muscles and back. So your pelvic bones will come in full parallel with you. When breathing, bring your back to its natural position. Repeat this five times, counting up to five.

4. Squat

It is a type of exercise that you will be able to see much at the beginning, even at birth

Open your feet slightly outwardly, slightly larger than the hip width. If you have difficulty standing, you can also get support from a chair.

Relax your abdominal muscles, shoulders and chest. Protect your balance and start squatting on a chair as you sit, stand on the level you can stand, take a deep breath and breathe. Then slowly erect the spine by supporting your legs and complete the exercise.

If you regularly practice these four exercises that will comfort you both during pregnancy and during birth, you should pass your life.

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