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Square Enix, who has been displaying compelling projects for the last three years, made all the big mistakes by saying nothing about these projects at E3 2018 exhibition. Among those projects were Final Fantasy VII Remake, Avengers and Guardians of Galaxy.


Square Enix, who announced that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will play for the most popular series Avengers and Guardians of Galaxy, promising to defeat a production of Final Fantasy, one of the most established series in the gaming world, has been a huge crowd of hope for the last 3 years .

The company announced its name with the Tomb Raider series ahead of the E3 2018 fair, and announced two productions titled "Babylon's Fall" and "The Quiet Man", which were unexpected by players. In the trailers that these two games were introduced, they were informed about neither types, nor their contents nor their release dates. Both productions are already among the productions with little or no information about them. Of course, the biggest factor in this matter was that the company had promised three major projects in the previous years.

Square Enix has been making a comeback to attract promotions for the last one-month's festival to be held under E3. Unfortunately, like the Avengers and the Guardians of Galaxy, it can be costly to give the word of the world that we have not seen so far in the game world. Seeing such a performance from a company that prints the names of countless small projects will cause all players to lose confidence.

CD Projekt Red, which has been performing incredible promotional activities for a game like Cyberpunk 2077 since 2013, would be great to teach a good public relations lesson to Square Enix. If you promise a project and it's time to go, you have to worry about what you are doing. At least a visual or clear date would be enough for now. For example, CD Projekt Red has released images for Cyberpunk 2077, which was spoken about 5 years ago, and it has been revealed. During E3 2018, he released his first trailer, distributing free codes for The Witcher 3.

Game makers still have one thing they are not used to. E3 fairs are about meeting expectations. No one expects the games to be published within this fair, on the contrary, they want to see what can happen. The most ambitious projects of companies for the future are introduced and introduced at these trade fairs. It seems that some companies are giving promises that they can not realize yet, trying to make them forget.

Hope Square Enix has misled all of us, and indeed has made a plan for this displeasure. Otherwise we have to tell them that they have a little hard work.






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