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Snapchat, which is continuously played by Instagram, has the ability to delete messages in the coming days


Snapchat is a new feature, which is still a popular platform, although it has been constantly declining in recent times. With the new feature you will be able to delete your messages anytime you want. Although it is a feature that long-lasting Snapchat users are waiting for, let us know that it is not possible to have a feature like "deleting hidden messages".






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In private or group chats, you can simply hold down on the message you want to delete and click delete. With this new feature in fact, you can easily fix your typos.

This new feature is expected to be available to users next week. Deletion processes must actually be in all social media applications, but applications that have huge databases prepared from scratch may have to be rewritten from the beginning, as it is difficult to do operations like deleting.






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