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HBO confirms that the new series will go on in the GoT universe, history will be thousands of years old, and events taking place in GoT will not affect the array


HBO's world-class series Game Of Thrones will bid farewell to the screens with the final season to be released in 2019. GoT fans are extremely sad, and this will cause a huge gap in HBO's broadcast schedule. The company was concentrating on a series of projects that could take place in a superstition GoT's official statement about the subject sprinkling water on the hearts of fans of Game Of Thrones.

The story of HBO, "From the hero's golden age to the dark times," tells the story of the emergence of the wanderers of Westeros, the mysteries of nature, and Stark's legends … The story is very different from what we know. '' and has already begun to increase expectations for the new Series






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Game Of Thrones by George R.R. Martin and Kingsman: The Secret Service Filminin writer Jane Goldman's retirement index is neither known nor published. Although the series will be shot in the GoT universe, the audience will go back thousands of years. No event in Game Of Thrones for this reason will be impressive for the new series, and the two series will be totally independent from each other in a sense.