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Jump Force, which will erase the most fatherly and known animations of the anime world in a single pot, is preparing to form an unprecedented union


There is a massive mass of anemia in our country. They are not yet known as a subculture of metal and rap music. The majority of the people who enter this magical world, perhaps the first to follow, combine in a single vote: Jump Force!

Death Note, Naruto, Dragonball and One Piece come together in the same cast is quite a big event. Imagine for people who are not familiar with animated films: think of a movie with Spider-Man, Iron Man, Batman and Superman together; that's what he's animated and playful.

After the video, the stones sit very conveniently. At the moment, however, we can not understand what role the Death Note will have on Kira and Ryuk. Indeed, it is necessary to create a completely different space for these two characters to be fed into the game. We are also curious about the role of these two in their game, which has never seen their work brutally.

The game is expected to debut for Xbox One and PS4 in 2019. The PC version is, however, unfortunately suspect at the moment.






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