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As you know, the heaviest goods such as houses, automobiles have become difficult to obtain especially in recent times. For this reason, we want to give our brand the most value for money. As such, we have compiled the best-selling car brands for you in our country.


During the first 5 months of 2018, it became evident that our people wanted the cars. Compared to the year in which we went through the list, there were surprising ups and downs in some brands as the buying leader did not change. Come on you without moving more curiosity, let's look at Turkey's best-selling car.

10. Honda

Sales adedi: 11,544

The order in 2017: 12

9. Mercedes-Benz

Sales adedi: 12,678

The order in 2017: 10

8. Dacia

Sales adedi: 13,783

Ranking in 2017: 6

7. Peugeot

Sales adedi: 14,027

Ranking in 2017: 9

6. Toyota

Sales adedi: 14,585

Ranking in 2017: 8

5. Hyundai

Sales adedi: 18,833

Ranking in 2017: 5

4. Ford

Sales adedi: 32,653

Ranking in 2017: 4

3. Volkswagen

Sales adedi: 33,575

The order in the year 2017: 2

2. Fiat

Sales adedi: 37,037

Ranking in 2017: 3

1. Renault

Sales adedi: 43,952

Ranking in 2017: 1






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Bonus: Vosvos

Aside from all these luxurious cars, I am sure this car is a place that inspires a generation:






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