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What happens when we listen to a gas song we love, do we feel like we can capture the whole world? If you've experienced this feeling many times, you might be wondering why.


It is a fact that music plays a big role in human development process. There are special areas in our brain that process and respond to voices. Interestingly, some areas do not react to voices such as phone ringing or other people talking; When we listen to music, it becomes very active.

The temposu, rhythm, instruments and all other types of music we listen to; how it reacts to the song. Different kinds of music are creating different kinds of effects in our brain. Listening to techno-type music affects growth hormones positively, while listening to classical music reduces stress hormones.

According to experts, while listening to the gas songs we love, it is not just a simple misconception that we do not feel like we can conquer the world. As a matter of fact, in our brains, when listening to such songs, our painful partner is raised and the time for improving the damage of our bodies is shortened. People who listened to music also found that they needed less pain.

At early ages, the music played is changing the shape of our brain and increasing our learning and memory skills. Especially from the age of three years, some of the regions in the brains of artists who are in the music are seen to be much bigger and developed than other people.

It was also observed that the amount of secretion of dopamine hormone in the brain increased during music listening and the reward center became active. In particular, the increase in dopamine was found to be higher in our listening to favorite songs.






According to Knowing Why Music After 30 Years Old Does not Change Our Tastes?



To sum up, music is not just a soul; The brain also feeds …






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