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As you know, this year Apple continues to work on a new generation of iPhones. However, these smartphones, which are said to be more affordable, have been on a small scale for the time being. So why does Apple think this delay will happen?


The new generation of iPhones Apple is working on this year are anticipating that many Apple fans are eagerly anticipating. The new model with a 6.1-inch LCD screen has been passed on to us in the past when we will be selling later than OLEDs. Now, the reason behind this delay has arisen.

Working on four new iPhone models this year, Apple chose the second-generation iPhone X Plus, iPhone X and iPhone SE 2 with OLED display. In addition, the company will release an iPhone with a 6.1-inch LCD screen, which will announce this model in November. The reason for this is the question of what is happening on the panel of the LCD model smartphone. The company, which has not been able to achieve an efficient operation on the touch screen, underlined that they were in the process of development for the time being.






Devices with OLED Display Before iPhone with LCD Display Can Be Presented for Sale



It would be much more useful to be late for the time being since the model will be retrieved later, due to an important reason. On the other hand, the device, which will be in the price range of $ 600-700 (2.600-3.100), will probably be of great interest to our country.






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