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Dandruff is one of the most common disorders in hair follicles. Itching, exfoliation and redness. At home you will find a herbal solution for dandruff with maintenance masks . Below, we share solutions in detail, choose what is right for you and start doing it right away.

Bran may come not only in hair but also in eyebrows and eyelashes. In any case, you can use herbal solutions for dandruff you can get rid of this question.

First, let us explain the reasons that lead to the following:


  • Vitamin deficiency in zinc, biotin, A, D, E
  • I often use hair coloring and hair straightening
  • Constantly destroying hair
  • Hair mushroom
  • Malnutrition
  • Herbal solution for bran: apple circa!

    The breakdown of the oil balance in the hair can cause the bran to bloom. Elma circus regulates the PH balance. It also has a natural anti-bacterial effect and helps to treat mushrooms, if any, in the scalp. We strongly recommend you try this recipe, you will really benefit from regular practice.


    • 1 tea glass organic apple circus
    • 1 water glass water at room temperature


    1. Mix vinegar and water.
    2. Wash your banyoda hair with shampoo.
    3. Apply apple juice to the hair and massage.
    4. Stop if you want to, but it will be more effective if you can not relax.

    You can use apple juice, a herbal solution for bran three times a week.

    Apple circulation is one of the herbal solutions for dandruff.

    Solution of two problems with nettles!

    Stinging nettle is literally a miracle plant! It helps both the natural treatment of the head and reduces hair shedding. You can get stinging nettle from the transsexual. It is an economical and effective herbal solution.


    • 1 palm stinging nettle
    • Half a liter of hot water


    1. Put the nettles in hot water and mix.
    2. Wait 10 minutes for the dipping and shed.
    3. Drizzle the mixture of stinging net every night before going to bed and massage.

    You do not need to rinse, do not smell.

    You can treat your hair with carbonates once a week.

    Repair the hair with carbonates!

    Carbonate cleans shampoo residue and crown in the hair. Olive oil repairs hair. With these two ingredients you can find a herbal solution for dandruff at home.


    • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil


    1. Mix the carbonated and olive oil in a bowl and rub it in the hair.
    2. Hold for fifteen minutes.
    3. Then wash your hair and rinse thoroughly.
    4. You can make this maintenance mask once a week.

    We wish you to benefit from the herbal solution for dandruff . Remember that regular care is very important for solving the problem.

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