2400 Years of Rock Burst Found During Construction in Antalya

A 2,400-year-old rock tomb of the Lycian civilization emerged in an excavation by a citizen in Antalya, which he had built in his estate. With the grave being found, excavations were stopped and officials were informed. Archeologists who came to the area specified that the grave was 2400 years old.

A citizen who wants to have an arrangement work in the landscaping of the town of Köşkerler in the Demre district of Antalya has rented a work machine and started an excavation work in his house

The operator of the work machine ran into a shaped rock during the earthquake. The operator reported the situation to the landowner, thinking that the rock he saw could be a historic graveyard. Upon this land owner, the landlord cemetery reported to the Demre Gendarmerie Command. ( The enigmatic excavation in Tarsus Sona Erdi )

The teams who came to the scene within a short period of time demanded help from the Demre Lycia Museum of Civilizations, when they saw the cemetery in question. Archaeologists who came to the area started to work immediately to reveal the grave.

belonging to the Lycian period

Three archaeologists and eight workers participated in the excavation work of the tomb BC. It was established in the 4th century and belonged to the Lycian period. It was determined that the tomb of a single storey, 2 meters in height and 3 meters in width belongs to the same turn with the rock tombs next to the antique theater in Myra Antique City.

It is believed that the tomb, which was thought to have been carved from the main rock, was robbed during the Lycian period. ( Finding an Inscribed Letter in the Trafo Study at Gümüşhane )

One-room, three-door

According to the information obtained until now, it was determined that the grave was made of Lycian architectural style, in the form of the bottom of the ship, as the house of the upper side

The one-roomed and three-door tomb is estimated to have been buried under alluvium in the 6th century AD as a consequence of the overflow of the Demre Stream, then called 'Myros'. ( The Chairman of the Council of the Elders in Side found the Sculpture )

Investigations will continue

On the left side of the tomb is a Lycian rock tomb at a height of about 50-60 meters from the earth. The museum authorities indicated that the excavations would continue around the grave, and that it would be investigated if there were other tombs.

Landowner said, "When I upgraded my land in the land, the machine I rented came across in such a beautiful view. We pulled out our machine right away. We notified the gendarmerie. It's a beautiful grave. We did what every citizen should do. I hope the end will be good. "


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