23 Güldüren Photographs of Men Imitating Women's Instagram Exposures


As the use of social media increases, certain roles are uploaded to women and men as in daily life, and sharing becomes stereotypes. For women, there are female poses standing in the morning with their morning hair, showing only one stone, which is protecting the hair at sea. Dearik or stereotypical thoughts, although many women do not make such sharing, men have chosen to have fun with this situation and these images have emerged. But we do not know how men will result when women imitate them …

1. By catching that special angle in the sea we are making a beautiful splash of hair

2. Women respond like slapping on flower flowers

3. Move still move away

4. Your shopping is done like this …

5. I said yes!

6. We do not forget to pose while taking care of my dental health

7. Every morning I wake up and look good …

8. I think I saw a marine

9. A father tracing his daughter

10. Being pregnant with the belly …

11. A perfect morning

12. The motorcycle has a sexy pose

13. Sports

14. I trust my body pose

15. Countdown to your wedding day

16. I painted my hair new

17. We watch Netflix for a while and relax

18. A night of girlfriend fate

19. Winterbird farewell party

20. Coachella?

21. The pedicure of your life

22. Sexy naked pose

23. Did someone say Hawaii?


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