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A stone skeleton was found in his head while raning from Pompeii.


In Pompeii, while trying to escape from the volcanic eruption that took place in 79 AD, he found a skeleton of a man falling 300 pounds into his head.

The man who fell to the skull while trying to escape from the volcanic eruption in Pompeii. C: AP

Archaeologists in Pompeii announced that there was a skeleton of a man who was crushed by a gigantic stone while trying to escape from the Vesuvius eruption blast in AD 79. The discovery was dramatized by archaeologists.

The authorities of Pompeii published a photo showing the skeleton beneath a large stone block, which could be a door boulder "thrown violently by a volcanic cloud."

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The victim's thoracic cavity, thought to be over the age of 30, was completely dismembered. Archaeologists could not find the victim's skull. Officials say the man has been infected with a tsukami infestation that could have caused his walking difficulty and prevented him from escaping.

The stone block on the victim's volcanic eruption, estimated to be about 35 years old, was about 300 kilograms.

The man is believed to have a pufferfish infection that may have caused walking difficulty and prevented him from escaping. C: AP

Archaeologists found the skeleton of the man lying on his back in the Regio V area of ​​the ancient city, on the corner between Vicolo dei Balconi and Vicolo delle Nozze d'Argento, discovered as part of his new excavation work.

Archaeologists believe that this man followed the explosion of Vesuvius as he attempted to escape, and that he dropped a stone on it.

Massimo Osanna, general director of the archaeological excavation site at Pompeii, commented that the findings were extraordinary and said that he contributed to the understanding of this civilization and the period

It is thought that the Vesuvius eruption, which erupted in 79 AD and buried nearby cities under the ashes, killed an average of 30,000 people in that eruption.

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The Vesuvius eruption bombed the cities of Pompeii, Oplontis and Stabiae ash and rock, and the city of Herculaneum under the mud layer

1,150 skeletons 394 found by archaeologists in Pompeii died from falling pieces of buildings and sponges. The remaining 756 victims died from overheated gas and ashes called pyroclastic surges.

A possible. May 29, 2018.


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