Morhipo Beach 2018 summer collection features modern forms, strong colors and feminine lines. With the collection of Morhipo Beach 2018, beaches will turn into podiums. In this summer beach fashion will have retro details, rebirth concepts and exotic patterns.

Among the prominent themes in the collection are exotic and tropical patterns, feminine pieces and a new interpretation of the detail of the pinewood that stretches daily from the 60's. New season trendy floral designs; marine stripes and vivid colors, and they are confronted in dresses, skirts and blouses.

The Morhipo Beach collection offers a wide range of products with colorful accessories as a festival. From the collar to the hat, from the bag to the sandalette, many products are summarizing the simple elegance with the latest trend details. Particularly in the straw hat, the cheer and embroidery details, which have been rising trends in recent times, attract attention. Beach prints with tropical print patterns and puffball clutches are the most popular pieces of this summer.

Slide the page down to browse the pieces we selected for you from the Morhipo Beach collection.

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