Arzu Sabancı for Koton's new season collection was introduced with a special invitation. Arzu Sabancı, who prepared a third collection for Koton, welcomed his close friends in the Tunnel store and the leading names of the world fashion .

Arzu Sabancı for Koton Collection has entered the Spring-Summer 2018 season with designs that make the summer style feel both at home and in the city.

The collection of Arzu Sabancı's collection inspired by her own style and wardrobe took place in the Cotton Tunnel store. Koton Board Member and Co-Chair Gülden Yılmaz and Arzu Sabancı hosted the event, and colorful names from the world of business, art, fashion and society participated.

Arzu Sabanci 'Koton, who expresses that they are offering a collection that makes the holiday trips in the city with stylish, modern and practical pieces at the new seaside, we have signed a collection that is very open to us. The Spring-Summer season is quite mobile for women. In the heart of the city, you can find yourself on holiday while you are at work. With this collection we have prepared, we have provided options to adapt to the two oceans. We added 20 pieces of beachwear design to our collection which we blended with seasonal trend color and detail. We believe that our collection, which is prepared in richness to meet all the needs of the summer wardrobe, will be appreciated. "

Koton Board Member and Co-President Gülden Yilmaz, who provided access to the fashion that they have achieved with their collaborations, "Arzu Sabancı for Cotton Collection is very different for us. We reflected the style of the urban Cotton woman in the collection of our collection. With the returns we have received over the last two sees, we see how well we are in a business alliance. This year we expanded our collection of Arzu Sabancı for Cotton and reflected the style of our beloved Arzu in beach fashion. We've created a collection that reveals our latest, most fashionable and trendiest design.

Arzu Sabancı for Koton Collection, selected at 64 different design options and online shopping address is offered for sale at affordable prices.

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