In winter, we prefer to wear wool clothes in order to protect from cold and not be sick. Many woolen products such as sweaters, scarves, cardigans and scarves warm us up during these cold winters and at the same time we have a nice appearance with different and interesting designs. Especially in this period, woolen sweaters are indispensable for many of us. Unlike other clothes, it can be worn and stored for years. We also want to be able to use our sweater structure for a long time without deterioration. But wool sweaters are very sensitive, thin, soft and silky. This type of clothing requires special care. It is also necessary to be very careful when washing woolen clothes. If proper washing and maintenance are not carried out, the woolen sweaters will grow or become plentiful. This also prevents me from getting a nice look. How to correct sweaters We can first talk about correct washing and sweater maintenance methods .


Point cleaning

The cleaning process in the wool sweaters is very important, as long as the proper washing and maintenance process is carried out, the life of your wool clothes can be extended and stored comfortably during the summer months. . If possible, the stains formed in the swallows should be cleaned only by applying to the part where the stain is present, without washing. The sweater which is cleaned must be ventilated. While these sensitive garments are being washed, care must be taken in many places. It should be washed less frequently than other types of clothing. The water and water temperature used in washing processes is very important. If the water used is limy, the sweaters are more likely to wear out. The water temperature is also effective at this point.

Hand wash

The hand wash method is one of the most preferred methods in order to prevent the wool sweaters, which are more sensitive than other clothes, to be cleaned while being cleaned. First turn the dress upside down. Be sure to use cold water instead of hot or warm water. Use laundry detergent suitable for hand washing. If not, you can also use hair shampoo.

Do not squeeze

We usually get bored to stay wet after we have washed our clothes. However, the structure of the sweaters is not suitable for this process. The sweaters, which have a delicate structure, shrink and shrink after washing. To avoid such a consequence, place it on a towel for the scraper crockery and make sure it is of the original shape. Then wrap the towel to dry the sweat and wait for it to dry.


Hanging woolen clothes provides their abundance and durability. For this reason, it is necessary not to wash very often, to dry after washing. Drying with a dryer is also not the right method. The dryer can cause the clothes to lose their soft texture.


Especially if the woolen clothes are not properly ironed, it is recommended that they be dried on a towel. For this reason, care should be taken when ironing such clothes. First, set the steam and heat level to be moderate. Then lightly light the inside of the rag. As long as you do not put too much pressure on it and you do not keep the setting high, you can iron your carpet without worrying about it.

Cleaning against pudding

One of the most effective methods used to get rid of the puddle of wool wigs is cleaning with razor blade. Care must be taken when using razors because they are a dangerous method as effective. The outfit to be cleaned is spread on a flat floor and lightly rubbed with a razor blade. Be very careful not to damage the boots during the process. The use of parcel bands is also one of the most popular methods for getting rid of hair. You can clean a large part of the fur by sticking a parcel band on the surface and pulling it. The clothes brush that is in the house of our lot is also an effective method to clean the sweater. Once you have gathered the lumps clinging to the lapel, brush it thoroughly with the help of a clothes brush. If you repeat this process at regular intervals, you can solve the problem of hair growth. Finally, you can use all of these methods, as well as hair cleaning tools that are sold to clean puffy clothes. The upper part of this product in the shape of a cylinder is routed on the clothes and the clothes are cleaned from the body. Pille workers are also sold in these tools that you can do with your hands.

Correct storage

It is very important not to hang the Cossacks while they are hiding them. The sweaters that are put on hold in the summer months are very fast-paced and worn-out. To prevent this, it is necessary to fold the jumpers horizontally. Cashmere sweaters should not be disturbed by putting moth removers in separate bags. Despite all of this, woolen sweaters can be used because of their structure or due to the duration of use.

Especially the woolen clothes have a natural stretch and elastic structure. The woolen garments have a natural stretch and elastic structure. It is a breathing fiber shaped by our body movements. The wool fibers have a spring-like and flexible structure. Compared to other clothes, it is resistant to folding and wrinkling. However, care is quite different from other clothes. If necessary precautions are taken, problems such as creep or plastering will not occur in long-term use. However, some sweaters may be plentiful, despite all the precautions taken.

Washing in hot water

These are the methods of washing in hot water in the first place. The sweaters washed in high-heat water shrink and recover. However, it is very important to adjust the water level at this point. This method may not work if the sweater, which is washed in very hot water, shrinks and shrinks unnecessarily. For this reason, it is recommended to wash the sweatshirts or the sweaters at 60 degrees. You are recommended not to hang after you have washed.

You can also use the circulating water method to correct your torn and swollen trikes. After washing your knit sweaters, first soak in warm water and then a little water. Then hang it over the towel on which you laid it.

Hand reduction

Another method is the hand reduction method. First, reverse your chin. Place it under another rag on the form that you want to get rid of your enormous criminal. Mark the edges of the rag with the help of a soap. To make the process easier, fasten the marks you put with a pin. Then tangent through the marks. You can use the graveyard to prevent mistakes that may occur in the arm and armpit. Then, use the stitching machine to move over the areas you have laid. If the rest of the inside of the lure disturbs you, cut those parts and translate the flat part of your chest. This way your deceit will be in the old form. You can easily apply this simple method at home.

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