A first from Max Factor … With the NEW Miracle Contouring Palette you can now apply in minutes, it's as easy as counting back from 3's. Max Factor makeup artist Fez Turkey Altun bearing the signature Miracle Contouring palette, coming to your favorite tracks can be applied by each ankolay you want to highlight your important feature of your face. Max Factor Miracle Contouring Palette offers a palette of 8 different colors to suit every skin tone

Max Factor's Miracle Contouring The new Miracle Contouring Palette 3,1-1 even during your busy times, you can emphasize your beauty within minutes. The Miracle Contouring Palette helps you bring your natural bone structure into action and make your beauty a spot of refocus, thanks to ultra-easy contouring, creating mild depth and accent with application tricks in just three simple steps.

Miracle Contouring Palette offers eight different tonals, one palette, carefully selected to make every skin tone and color even more beautiful. Even if you have different skin tones, Miracle Contouring Palette makes it possible to find the right tone and balance for your skin. The Miracle Contouring Palette is easy to apply even if you are contouring for the first time thanks to its creamy, lightweight and long lasting formula.

Max Factor Turkey up artist Fez Altun for Miracle Contouring palette bearing his signature; "Contouring does not have to be a frustrating, impossible technique, especially with the 3,2,1 technique developed for the Max Factor Miracle Contouring Palette. The event is not to create features that are not in you, but to enrich and sharpen what you already have. Just follow steps 3, 2, 1 on the back of the package to contour, lift and emphasize in less than 3 minutes.

Max Factor Miracle Contouring Paleti launch price: 99.90 TL

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