We are all very familiar with it. "I can not start the day without drinking coffee." the promise may actually be a reflection of the caffeine addiction that occurs beyond the property of awakening


As you would expect, a large majority of us consume many caffeine-containing products, in particular, coffee, in one day or another. Even for some of us, an opening made with new sun coffee is preparing us for a new day in a functional sense as much as we enjoy. But can the facts be so innocent to you?

Although the immediate benefits of the Kahven are subject to many investigations, the researchers do not see enough of this effect to continue. Dr. John Hopkins University. According to Travis Bradberry, the caffeine loaded on your body makes you tired and exhausted after you drink coffee in 2-3 hours on average. It is possible to name this effect as a short-term doping effect.






Nestle, just to sell the Kahvesu Starbucks'a Full $ 7.1 billion Verecek!



When we come to immediate effects, it is known that caffeine causes adrenaline secretion in our bodies. However, the natural formation of adrenaline; stress, and fear, we are unintentionally moving these feelings from business life to everyday life. Work on these non-inherited process harms is still ongoing. Of course, overuse-induced anxiety and anxiety can also give us ideas as to whether caffeine is a lasting effect.

Another known but very unlikely caffeine loss is 'irregular sleeping', as you would expect. Caffeine, which causes many sleeping disorders by many consumers in common use, prevents us from meeting our need for sleep at the end of the day. At the end of the day at the light of this information, our unrecognized body needs to drink coffee on the morning of the new day to feel energetic again. When we look at it from a broader perspective, we do not have to be an expert to see that it is an endless cycle.






Starbucks Will Put 'Cancer Warning' on Coffee Products in the US



As a result, although coffee and caffeine containing products are a tasty and practical solution, we should be aware of the potential losses to our bodies and take care to consume them at the minimum level







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