Google News, which has improved a lot in recent years, plans to give you a different perspective with its announced new features.

Google News will expand your perception with Artificial Intelligence

One of the most important things announced at this year's I / O conference was the Google News app. Last minute news is powered by artificial intelligence technology to better serve you, aiming to offer more content that will attract more attention to its users. At this point, you will be able to navigate to the special pages of the News app on your Android device that Google artificial intelligence finds reliable.

This approach by Google is excellent in terms of consistency. In addition to the news that interests you, you can also read articles that have different analyzes and ideas, suggesting that they provide all the information that they need. In Google News with reliable sources, you'll also see different opinions and topics, instead of just the ones that interest you with the learning algorithm on Facebook. When we think about it, it can really open our horizon.






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On the other hand, stating that the news is not tied to any ideological order and bias, Google has expressed the awareness that comments that may arise from differences of opinion may also come. This issue, which attracted great attention at the I / O conference of 2018, is being shown as proof that artificial intelligence preserves its existence in all areas of our lives.






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