20 Things We Do not Know About The Human Body – The Deer

The greatest technology that human beings use is undoubtedly their own body. The awesome mysterious structure, power, functioning is a complete miracle. How long do we know the characteristics of this miracle? This content is based on the little known of the human body. 20 facts of the human body you have not heard so far

1 # The traces on our tongue are like a fingerprint, a characteristic of every human being. So everyone's language is unique.

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2 # A single hair can carry the weight of a knot hanging with a tortoise.

If you say "my brother has a difference from apple to apple"

3 # The number of bacteria in a person's mouth is greater than the number of people living in the world.

4 # A soft, brittle, nailless thyroid gland without a white moon region inside.

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<p> <strong> 5 # The speed of impulses coming to my brain is about 400 km / h. So a sport that a lot of people can not even see in our dreams is faster than the car. </strong> </p>
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6 # As we know there are only 29 blood types, not just 4. The least rare of these is the Bombay type found in a small family group in Japan.

7 # In just one day, our opinion travels 19,312 miles. That is to say, about 40,000 km with a rough calculation around the world.

8 # The total length of the nerves in the human body is 75 kilometers. The distance between Beylikdüzü and Kadıköy is approximately 63 km.

9 # A person breathes 20,000 times a day

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<p> <strong> 10 # The human eye can distinguish 10 million different colors, but the brain can not remember all of them </strong> </p>
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<p> <strong> 11 # Our ears continue to grow each year. This growth is a quarter of a millimeter in a year. </strong> </p><div class=