While some smartphone brands allowed their devices to access the beta version of Android P, Samsung did not allow any models to have beta release access


Android P beta, access is turned on for users and developers who want to test the new version of the mobile operating system. In addition to Google Pixel smartphones, some Sony, Xiaomi, and Vivo models can test Android P Beta. But Samsung users can not try Android P if they have any models.






How to Install Android P on Your Non-Pixel Smartphone



Why does not Samsung allow Android P Beta tests

Samsung has become very influential when it comes to the point where Android has reached today. Samsung, the world's best-selling smartphone brand, has been one of the most important factors in the spread of the Android ecosystem with hundreds of millions of smartphones that have sold Android operating system since its introduction.

But Samsung has never offered the Android operating system to the user with its natural interface. This will not be different for Android P as well. The South Korean technology giant will add its own interface, features that it has developed over the Android P operating system, and will first ship it to the flagships and then to lower-end smartphones.






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Still, if we think that Samsung smartphones are the locomotive of the Android operating system, we should not expect the company to offer faster updates. With Project Treble, Google is helping smartphone publishers run their beta releases faster. We hope that Samsung will open up these devices to faster beta access.

Unfortunately, Samsung's latest flagship Galaxy S9 is not known to be open for Android P beta. But what we do know is that Samsung will not offer it to users as long as it handles its interface and features on the Android operating system.







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