A group of young people studying at Trabzon Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School succeeded in producing a hybrid car at a very low cost


Our country, which is in the great leaps of domestic production in the last period, started to receive the fruit of this enterprise from the younger part of the society. Trabzon Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School students in the engine section of the 1st Motor Vehicle Spring Festival and Professional Promotion Fair, developed the opportunity to introduce the car found






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Bünyamin Akyuz, Deputy Director of National Education, who participated in the fairs personally and made the opening speech, "I think that this school which is the only one in Trabzon will be a pioneer in the sector at the point of meeting the main staff." . The car, designed by young people who are expected to take on major roles in the construction of domestic automobiles in the future, was met with great interest. The car, which is a product of a total of 5 months of work and is called "Hibro" by young people, was designed with a cost that can try as little as 10 thousand TL.






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Eren Tosun, working with his friends in the project, stated that they used the engine of a scrap car while they were in the car and they developed the hybrid vehicle by taking the work materials and adding new materials. "I am proud of my friends, we have painted it in the direction of the facilities, we also made the gear lever in the wood, we spent about 10 thousand." We hope that the necessary economic and moral support will be provided and it will open the way for signing bigger studies.






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