Expert of internal diseases and cardiology Dr. Karatay, "The body needs a lot of water. Ramadan will be long and hot days. It is thirsty to have a headache for the sake of exhortation. "

Specialist in internal diseases and cardiology Prof. Dr. Canan Karatay visited the Governor Zülkif Dağlı in his office in the city he came to participate in the activity " Reader-Writers Meetings " organized by Düzce Governorate.

Responding to journalists' questions, Karatay said that in general, he would always recommend healthy meals to politicians in the intensive election process.

"If you drink plenty of bone water, you will be all day long"

Karatay reminds that he is working in the field of healthy nutrition "Intensive employees, election attendees also start a day with a very good 'Karatay breakfast'. There is a chicken egg from the village hen which is free circulating in Karatay breakfast. I also saw you coming on the road, cows and sheep grazing. Plainly in the green, you need to know the value of it. When the eggs are defeated together with the wine, both fasting people stay vigorous and heavy workers remain vigorous. Especially a piece of soup. You absolutely have to drink as much as you want, with plenty of tripe. There is also a saying, 'We can not find meat, we can not get meat'. Already in our country, the Feast of Sacrifice is eaten by everyone, but the bone water is very important. Minerals, proteins and fats in the bone are very important. If you drink plenty of bone water, you will be vigorous all day. "

Karatay, Düzce's most important agricultural products at the beginning of the hazelnut came, said: "Here a lot of nuts. Only please do not spray your nuts. These agricultural poisons are killing living things, killing you and us. That's the whole point, that's why cancer is growing. 2-3 eggs in the village butter, do not skip breakfast. "

On the question of the advice of those who fasted in Ramadan, Karatay shared the following information:

"Ramadan is already very much in line with the Karatay principles. There are 2 meals in Karatay. When two meals are defeated, they need to be defeated, natural and enough. Making stools means making breakfast. Breakfast should be made with eggs, butter, olives, nuts, peanuts, tea. But when you drink tea, coffee, milk, it will be sugar-free. Plenty of water to drink.

We need to prepare the body before the Ramadan. The body needs a lot of water. Ramadan will be long and hot days. The head of throat is thirsty because of headache, thirst is headache. Water must be with salt, not alone. You need water and salt for your human body. Already begin to drink water to prepare your body in a healthy way to optimize your body already. Everyone has plenty of water and at the same time start to use plenty of rock salt. "


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