Sakarya University students and academics who complained about the slowness of internet connection for the last three months wanted to investigate the source of the problem. According to the first findings, it was determined that crypto money mining was done on the servers where the school system was installed.


Crypto money, which is one of today's most controversial economic values, is produced based on computing power. Hundreds of computers, thousands of people using public networks have the potential to meet the power of demand for crypto money mining. Sakarya University was probably aware of this situation and had been mining for the last 3 months.

It was known that the students and academics were complaining about the internet connection at the university. These complaints were further investigated. Sakarya University, which has a student population of 89 thousand 908, turned into a major crypto money mining center according to the news of Ramiz K. Oktar from Habertürk.






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Computers in several laboratories, including the main server of the university, and computers in common use were included in the process. While Sakarya University has not yet announced an official statement, it is said that the investigation will be expanded. As a result of the slowdown of the connections, the distance learning students were half-tested.

It is also stated that a company operating in Teknokent in the university has broken the power supply as a result of crypto money mining by taking energy from uninterruptible power supply in the area. It is said that an investigation has not been initiated about the company.

The private computers used in the crypto-money mining are located, and the mass internet networks can create a mining system that includes many computers. Computers are slowing down since they use their processor power for mining once they log into these networks. The same slowness also reduces the internet connection speed of the network in question.

We will continue to convey the facts and investigations that we are told to be alive in Sakarya University.






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