Although modern toothpaste formulas known in antiquity were not used, it became clear that people tried various formulas for their dental health


Dental health and dental hygiene can still be called the nightmare of many people, despite the modern solutions available today. Because of a number of genetic causes, even those who take utmost care to their teeth can struggle with various problems such as bruises, teeth, etc.

In the meanwhile, the human mind comes to mind: Protecting dental health among those opportunities is still horrible, and in our minds, milton can be revived in the earlier times when people think that people are moving with rotten and neglected teeth. That's right, is not it? Although there are more primitive medical facilities than at present, there are two reasons why people do not have a certain standard of dental health: the fact that the foods and drinks that adversely affect dental health are not consumed as much as they are today, ensuring that teeth remain healthy.

A formula found in Vienna and painted on a papyrus is the oldest known toothpaste formula of world history. This formula, which dates back to the 4th century after the originals millatoon, was used almost 1500 years ago in modern day toothpaste formulas.

What is in the recipe?

  • 2 dirhem nane
  • 1 dirhem dried iris flower
  • 20 pinch of pepper





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