[1945900] Dietitian Banu Kazanç, shares the expert recommendation for in the stomach. He feels healthier and tells the importance of having a meal and fasting, and an example nutrition list. Standing up is particularly important for health to get up in an hour, especially near the time of the onset of the offspring. Prepared foods in the sahur; Sahura Instead of going to bed, he would choose to sleep and eat and not go to sleep. At buffet lunch, you can choose a breakfast that will keep you energetic and energetic during the day, and plenty of water to drink. They should be aimed not to give weight to the prawns and to keep the prawns until they are ready to eat again. You must have bread at your disposal, but breads should be selected from wholegrain breads that are easier to digest than white, refined bread. Also, since foods with high protein content will renew energy throughout the day and mire will delay the hunger by extending the period of ejaculation, the stool meal should definitely contain good protein sources such as cheese or eggs. In order to prevent the blood sugar from dropping in the daytime, it is very important to consume the foods that are slowly digested and high in nutrients. The choice of meals is very fatty, very salty and excessive sweet it is necessary to avoid foods. Be careful! Salty products are susceptible to starch and sugary products in the early hours. For a healthy living quarters, for example;

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