Mehmet Aydin, who saw that the farm bank system was operating smoothly, also revealed that he planned to build an Energy Bank and sell electricity to the state.


Farm Bank founder and CEO Mehmet Aydin, who had defeated tens of thousands of people and collected hundreds of millions of TL and had an order to arrest them around the world, turned out to be different 'projects'. The project, called Energy Bank, was fortunately unfortunately not possible as a result of the opening of the relationship with Mehmet Aydın's partner.






Famous Director Announced: Farm Bank Becomes a Film!



Four suspects were arrested yesterday under the investigation of the Farm Bank initiated by the Sakarya Chief Public Prosecutor. Among those who were arrested were K.K. while new arrests ensured the emergence of new information.

Mehmet Aydın, convinced that Farm Bank system works smoothly, has also developed a project called Energy Bank. Within the scope of this project, Aydin, who planned to build wind turbines and solar energy farms with the money collected from the members, was planning to sell the electricity to be produced there.






Farm Bank CEO Mehmet Aydin is taken under surveillance, full of intelligence with surprises



But things did not walk as Mehmet Aydın wanted. The energy bank project was also rauffed when it was opened with his partner, who undertook to run the bureaucratic leg of Aydın's project 'smoothly'. The fact that the project could not be passed on to the fact that perhaps thousands of citizens were not deceived.







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