Researches at the University of New Hampshire have developed very small data storage areas


A lot of us have seen all the cold electronic devices in films like 007, but it will not be possible for them to be produced in the near future. Research at the University of New Hampshire allowed the construction of computers with a pinhole size in these films. Also, new storage areas are much safer than their larger siblings.

Physicist Jiadong Zang, head of the research, said, "We are really optimistic about the possibilities. The computer industry is already on the right track for smaller storage areas. However, data loss in existing equipment and power interruption does not allow this. The material combination we use in our research is not only more secure in terms of data loss, but it also allows HDD production in very small sizes. We were thrilled that our findings could change the course of technology. "






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The article published in the Science Advances magazine on research shows how new technology could be used in Ram and Rom memory. The new storage area will allow storage of data by creating a magnetic field around minerals such as boron, gallium, aluminum, or indium used in non-magnetic materials

Scientists also think that the system they are developing will provide more power savings than the old one. Also, as you know, the biggest problem we have with data is our lack of space. Besides the small size, the new technology will allow the creation of much larger storage spaces. However, the only problem here is what the cost of this technology will be, and it is not possible to say anything about it since no necessary research has been done yet.






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