Sometimes we have a great example for those of us who are not satisfied with what we have and complain constantly: Achmad Zulkarnain. A photographer without hands and feet, the idiom creates wonders on the spot.


Achmad Zulkarnain, a professional photographer in Indonesia, does not have the hands and feet. However, this never prevented him from becoming a magnificent photographer. Zulkarnain, who has produced quite successful works, is an example to all of us with what he does.

Zulkarnain got more than 43,000 followers on Instagram, gaining international recognition last year with a 3-minute video from Great Big Story. The increasingly popular photographer was initially portraying the villagers' identity cards. Zulkarnain, who then turned it into a passion, began publishing photographs on social media.

The photographer is presenting himself and his wonderful photographs on the Insatagram page. It is the positive that Zulkarnain shows in spite of the difficulties that his reason for having loved and searched by people are coming from above. In this context, the photographer expresses gratitude and gratitude for everything he has ever experienced.






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On the other hand, if you are wondering how Zulkarnain can take pictures, the photographer can do this with a small piece of meat in his right arm. After pressing the shutter button on the DSLR, there are magnificent artifacts.


Speaking on the subject, Zulkarnain said, "I use the camera thanks to the small piece of meat that God gives me and I want to help anyone who has the passion to learn photography." Zulkarnain also pointed out that you are impaired but also proud that you are not flawed and also prevented you from having it. Zulkarnain, a living photographer, is a photographer who must be absolutely respected and, as an example, comes face to face. You can also click on the link to reach the Instagram page of Zulkarnain, which has a large follower mass. What do you think about the subject?







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