On Samsung's new flagship phone, a serious problem was discovered that would cause the screen to become pixelated


Samsung has begun to recapture the markets with its recently introduced Galaxy S9 and S9 +. The Galaxy S9 is the undisputed most powerful phone on the market, and although the Galaxy S9 has all the best quality hardware in every corner, the screen is always on the forefront. If Samsung is already making a phone, the most powerful part of this phone is usually the screen. With its sloped display, Samsung is able to present the entire screen as a display, and with the Quad HD + Super AMOLED display equipped with screen brightness to be visible even in sunlight, customers are encouraged to buy Galaxy S9.






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The quality of Samsung's screen is also of interest to other phone makers. In fact, as many of you know, the screens of Apple's flagship iPhone X, which we consider to be the world's most expensive phone, are also produced by Samsung.

A company that is very successful on the screen is normally expected to have no problems with this, but unfortunately some Galaxy S9 and S9 + users complain about the screen of the phone. A recent error is that the black tones of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + screens can not be displayed correctly. The smartphone seems to have had a problem with its color band, which shows tints close to gray instead of black tones. Normally black and tinted images, dark gray to gray tinted screen, causes this visual change while experiencing this tonal change.

In the above image, you can see the strain in Samsung Galaxy S9. When the screen above the image runs smoothly, it appears that there is a noticeable problem on the phone screen below it. It is not known at the moment how many of the suspects in Galaxy S9 and S9 + are affected, but this problem, which is probably software, will be resolved by Samsung as soon as possible. If this problem is not caused by software, then the affected phones can be called and the screen can be changed.






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