Owners of a plate numbered 'F1' attached to a Mercedes Benz, demand TL 85.5 million from buyers. This self-confidence of the license holder comes from the previous rejection of TL 34.8 million


What are the letters or numbers you want most often on your car's plate? Initials of your partner's or your children's names? Shortened abbreviation for the team you are holding? So, how much can you pay to pay for a plate? This question is important because Afzal Khan claims a total of £ 14.7 million, or £ 85.5 million, for the plate it owns.

Afzal Khan, in 2008 when the Essex County Council bought the 'F1' plate for 2.1 million TL, everyone laughed at him. Because the plate had been in the hands of the Assembly for 104 years and nobody had shown interest. But Afzal knew that collectors would be interested in the plate, and for this reason he took the plate with great pleasure and applied it to his Mercedes Benz.






Shocking from the President of the Taksiciler Union Explanation: Homeland using UBER is a traitor!



Afzal Khan decided to sell for the first time in 10 years after receiving the plate. However, according to what is said, 'F1' plate will not receive the first sale offer. Afzal, 2014 in the plate for the amount of 34.8 million TL for the offer was rejected without thinking. According to him, the plate is much more valuable at this price.

Afzal's price for 'F1' plate is £ 12 million, or £ 69.7 million. But with the tax and other costs associated with the sales process, the price of the plate for the buyer is up to 85.5 million TL. If sales happen, 'F1' will be the world's most expensive label. The most expensive plate ever before was the '25 O 'plate, which was supposed to be fitted with the Ferrari 250 GT SWB and was purchased for £ 518,480.







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