OnePlus shared an image revealing some design features of the phone from its official Twitter account


There was little time to introduce OnePlus 6. All the teaser images shared on the smartphone and the leaks confirm this. The company has already forgotten the features of the smartphone that will go on the market as it has been in the last few years. There are not many issues to be wondered about the design and technical features of the OnePlus 6.






OnePlus 6 comes with three different color options



OnePlus, one of the active names in the smartphone market, posted an image of OnePlus 6 from its official Twitter account yesterday. Although there is not much to see in the picture, some attractive details have been seen. Coming with a glass behind it, OnePlus 6 is expected to start supporting wireless charging this year, unlike previous generations. Along with the visual, "Alert Slider" IN has also emerged from the popular hardware of OnePlus devices. The Alert Slider, which is on the top left of the phone, is used for features that can be set on the phone and adjusted by the level


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