Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg, who sweated in the US Senate yesterday, spoke against his nationals in Washington today as part of his statement on the data crisis over his entire responsibility.

It seems like Facebook will be laid out at a gathering in the middle of nowhere.

Mark Zuckerberg took on all responsibility after Facebook lost 87 million people to a company named Cambridge Analytica. Zuckerberg, who has been accustomed to apologizing for two years, has been tonguing for 5 hours against US senators. Shortly afterwards, Zuck, who went to Washington and was in front of his deputies, was similarly challenged here.

In the general atmosphere of the meeting, all the details about data confidentiality have turned into hair. In general, the US's militarists questioned Zuckerberg about domestic affairs. In the election period on Facebook, ads and promotions of the conservative segment were censored. Millletvekiller, the violation of the subject matter data after this and other similar cases forced Zuck.

The Republicans and Democrats emphasize the necessity to make changes and regulation on Facebook. However, there was little detail on which subjects this change would take place and what the regulations would look like. Already the biggest problem was exactly that.

Zuckerberg found himself often expressing something to his MPs while he was giving the expression. These stalemates can be considered a win for Facebook. Because when all this happened, the company's shares began to rise again. Nearly $ 75 billion of money has been lost since the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Facebook has recovered $ 25 billion, affected by the rise that began on Monday. Nevertheless, if we look at the whole process beforehand, Facebook is running out to close to 50 billion dollars.






Mark Zuckerberg Gave an Expression: I regret, I made mistakes, I apologize



According to Zuckerberg, who recently expressed the intervention of the 2016 campaigns of the Russians, Facebook was at that time a great danger. In the first months of 2018, 13 Russian-based advertising companies were charged for dissuasive advertising on Facebook during the election period. The charges were made by Robert Mueller, a private attorney.

Zuck confirmed that the company he was working with was working with Mueller for an ongoing investigation in Russia, and once again apologized for the data breach scandal and ran herself again as a responsible for everything.

However, lawmakers in Washington pretend to want to compromise with Zuckerberg despite Facebook's scandals. Unlike the senators the day before, the servicemen did not push Zuck very hard, although they were given the right to ask questions for 4 minutes each. They even observed that they had cut in some spots.






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