An alliance of 23 different non-governmental organizations accused YouTube of illegally obtaining child-related data


An alliance of 23 NGOs advocating for children's rights, consumer rights and privacy rights in the United States, sent a 59-page letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that Google collects personal information of children under 13, with the reason that he violated the children's rights laws by using it to create advertisements.

While the Alliance wrote to the FTC that Google claims YouTube is suitable for people aged 13 and older, it claims that children under 13 also use the site. Google has gathered information such as location, device information, and phone numbers, and alleged that it tracks children with different services and internet sites, indicating that Google has not received permission from parents to enforce this information.






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"Josh Golin, executive director of Campaign for Childless Advertising (CCFC), said," Google has fled its responsibility for children and their families for years, claiming that YouTube, which is filled with popular cartoons, ninis and toy ads, is not fit for children under the age of thirteen '' he says, '' Google is delivering so much profit by running ads for kids. Google must comply with COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act). "

According to the Alliance, 80% of children aged 6-12 years in the United States are actively using YouTube, and YouTube is the most popular online platform among children. Google will also be aware that the company has launched the YouTube Kids app, which will feature child-specific content and ads in 2015.






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Not accepting complaints with a YouTube spokesman explaining that they have not yet come to blame any official, "protecting families and children has always been a high priority for us. We will examine the complaint meticulously and assess whether there is anything we can develop. Because YouTube is not for children; just because of this, YouTube Kids made an enormous investment in naming practice and offered an alternative to kids. "






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