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Traveling in difficult winter conditions is always more difficult. Frosty paths, snow-holding glasses, frozen doors, unused mirrors were the first things that came to mind in winter.

We brought together 16 tips that will save the lives of the drivers and prevent the problems in the cars that we experienced during the coldest days of the season.

Here 16 Tips to Save the Driving Life of Drivers in Challenging Winter Conditions

# Snow and snow that accumulate in the glass and the rear view mirrors

1 # Remove wipers in cold weather, avoid wiper blades in cold and snowy weather

2 # To prevent the glass from icing, mix 3 units of vinegar and 1 unit of water, squeeze this antifreeze on the windshield and wait overnight. After this method, the accumulated snow will be much easier to clean.

3 # The dry cloth and the alcohol help to clean the snow faster in the windows.

4 # You can leave an old mop, cushion or piece of thick fabric piece under the squeegees to prevent a windshield from icing. However, this method is not suitable for the nights when sudden temperature drops are experienced.

5 # If you do not have an ice scraper, you can use a hard spatula or credit card. Staying away from the metal for ice scraping will prevent the surface from being damaged.

6 # The plastic bags protect the rearview mirrors from becoming frosty during the night.

7 # If you park your car looking east, the morning sun will melt the bubble in your car and help make it easier to clean.

To protect your doors and locks from icing [

8 # Hand cleaning gellies can help to unlock frozen car locks and doors

9 # You can open the doors by warming the key lightly and gently placing it in the kiln.

10 # You can wear your switch WD-40 as a precautionary measure.

11 # Try to press on a frozen door to open it.

# To protect the mirrors from the inside

If this is not working, another method is to use hot (but not boiling) water or an ice-

12 # Use cat litter to prevent the glass from fogging and to suppress nematodes and smells. Pour some cuddly sand on a picnic and keep it in the car.

13 # The shaving cream helps to clear the inside of the glasses and prevent fogging.

# Even a hard winter environment can make the car work even easier

If you have a hard winter environment,

14 # If you have to leave your car in a severe cold, carefully dismantle your battery and take it to your house at night.

15 # If you can not operate your car in 15-20 seconds, bring your key to the starting position and give the player 2 minutes rest time. Try running this car once again and never apply it more than once. An unusual situation can cause acute damage.

16 # It is the most precise way to operate a car that has an acute ending up with the help of another car. For this reason, always have a battery charger near you and run it for at least one hour so that the car you are working on can continue in good health.

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