15 years has risen to a record level antibiotic use, the second row has Turkey – Yeşilist

15 years, antibiotic sales of 65%, the dose used by individuals increased by 39%. This is not a very good news when the growing threat of antibiotic-resistant super-microbes is taken into account.


Research conducted by the John Hopkins and Princeton Universities and the Center for Disease Disorders, Economics and Politics in Washington, DC, followed antibiotics sold in 76 countries between 2000 and 2015 and prescribed as daily doses.


Although antibiotics that cure bacterial infections are considered a miracle of modern medicine, public health experts believe that doctors do not give these medicines properly to their patients. These drugs, which are only effective against bactericides, do not work against infections caused by viruses such as influenza and respiratory tract infections.


which increases the maximum daily dose of over one thousand people from 2005 to 2015 became the second country in Turkey.


Health professionals are advised to use antibiotics if they suspect bacterial infections, but tests to detect the source of the infection can take time and some doctors prefer not to wait. This situation becomes worse with the use of medicines by the patients themselves.


Especially in these cases alarming level in Turkey. per thousand people in 2015 from the 76 countries that use the most antibiotics country was Turkey. 2015 to 2000, while there was an increase in antibiotic use in most Tunisia, Turkey recorded as the second country. Turkey is located approximately one year to the antibiotic in antibiotic prescriptions in one of every three is spent 1.5 billion ₺.


daily antibiotic use per thousand people in 2015, most have been in Turkey.


Microbiologists have recently discovered that superb bacteria can be produced with the misuse of these drugs. These superb bacteria develop as resistant to antibiotics and lead to the use of more potent antibiotics that have many side effects and do not always work when they cause an infection.


A study estimates that 700,000 people lost their lives in superb bacteria in 2016, and that this figure will rise to 10 million by 2050. The reason for this situation is that we do not have a drug to fight against superbacteria. Although stronger antibiotics sometimes work, scientists are hesitant to develop new drugs. Because these antibiotics can cause great damage to the body and can lead to the generation of more powerful superbacteria.


While this survey is useful for surveys, it clearly explains the current situation and the future does not look very bright. If the problems with the use of antibiotics continue, they will be looked at with certainty that they will create a disaster globally. Some experts even associate antibiotic resistance with a new disease that can never be treated.

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