15 European cities you should see before other cities


Europe is ranked 2nd in the world's most popular holiday roots list. That means; The most common cities to be visited are Paris, London, Rome or even non-ordinary for Copenhagen. Do not you think you should add Paphos in Cyprus or Riga in Lithuania to your cruise? Most likely you do not answer.

As you will be joining us in many experienced travelers, when you are touring the tourist towns you think you should see, you are missing Europe in your dreams. Here we will try to change your point of view on European travel and expand your horizons by introducing you to 15 European cities that are remotely located in the tourist area.

1. Utrecht, Netherlands

Utrecht is worth seeing as it is the first choice for those going to Holland, though Amsterdam is young, with a population of over 200,000 and a fascinating history dating back to the canal

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2. Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Although England automatically associates itself with London when it is called, Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh, guarantees to offer you development and entertainment with its foyer and greenery.

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3. Siena, Italy

" If you are looking for a new and spacious place that is bored by the Italian holiday capital Rome without seeing it completed " Siena is for you. Being the second largest city near Florence, Siena is making sure steps towards becoming a shopping center. The ideal route for those who visit the museum every day: Siena.

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<h5> <span style= 4. Marseille, France

Although Marseille is the second most visited and largest city, it is indisputable that the show star is Paris. With the advantage of being a port town, it offers a nice alternative for seafood lovers. Another characteristic that distinguishes the Greek culture and harmonious city brought by the fathers of the city of the French.

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<h5> <span style= 5. Maribor, Slovenia

Slovenia comes to mind in Ljubljana, but you must absolutely add Maribor to Slovenia. Maribor attracts attention with its many wonderful spa centers such as wonderful architecture, the world's largest grape vine, Fontana Terme Maribor.

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<h5> <span style= 6. Bibury, United Kingdom

Those who want to be nested with nature and want to relax can make a weekend plan to Bibury. Bibury is waiting to be discovered if you want to get lost in artworks and explore the artwork of many artists without being overwhelmed by thousands of restaurants or tourist activities.

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