11,600-Year-Old Wood Sculpture Simulates the Obelisks in the Göbeklitepe


The wooden Shigira Idol, dating to 11,600 years ago, was one of the earliest known sculptures in monumental and human form. The researchers resemble obelisks in the sculpted Göbeklitepe, 5 meters long.

In 1894, a peculiar thing of gold mining appeared in a swamp near Russia's Yekaterinburg city: a wooden idol carved in the length of 5 meters .

On both the front and back of a piece of wood that was carefully smoothed, recognizable human faces and hands were depicted along with zigzag lines and other mysterious details. There was also a human surgeon opening his mouth in the form of "o" on the fridge. This incredible wooden sculpture is exhibited at the Yekaterinburg Museum, which is a long-standing from an old age, and is estimated to be several thousand years old.

(19459015) The World's Oldest Wooden Sculpture Shigira Idol )

However, a new study in the Antiquity magazine claims that the sculpture was made from a single larch tree of 11.600 years ago and is one of the oldest examples of monumental art in the world.

Researchers, if not identical, although the material, the Shigar Idol's age and appearance, the oldest monumental temple in Turkey Göbeklitepe until says that resemble the obelisk. Both pieces represent a leap beyond the naturalist images of the ice age

At the same time, Idol shows that large-scale and complex art came into existence in more than one place, and that it was made by hunter gatherers

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