11 Movies You Can Watch On The Bayram Holiday By Every Mood

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Bayram is a breathtaking, relaxing breath that is now given to busy lives. On the contrary, most people prefer to spend their time at home while resting on the beach. It is to watch the first series / movie that comes to mind in such a time that we escape from the crowd and we only devote ourselves.

Lately, we've covered a single breed of hay for an entire season, covering a large part of our lives. For this reason, we have assembled many different categories of films such as drama, science fiction, thriller, family for those who would like to watch films from the series proposal. If you still have not watched them, you can feel for a few hours in a completely different world. We already have good holidays …

1. I Am Not Your Negro (7,8)

The 2016 documentary film tells the history of the slaughter in the United States. Raoul Peck directs Filmin, based on "Remember This House". I Am Not Your Negro was nominated for the 89th Academy Awards in the Best Documentary category.

2. About Elly (8,1)

The drama-mystery movie, which was awarded the Golden Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival, tells about three Iranian families who go to their summer houses where they do not go long. One of the aims of this holiday is that Sepideh, one of the family members, does not want to meet Ahmad, the newly arrived from Germany, and the teacher Elly. Developing events in the cottage house will change the character's life completely.

3. Coherence (7,2)

The US-made science-fiction and thriller Coherence, despite being a low-budget film, is highly praised compared to other films in its category. The word coherence means "integration", but in the film it is parallel to the concept of the union and collapses onto one another. Eight friends are eating dinner in a house while a comet is passing very close to Earth. In the meantime, unexpected things start to happen.

4. Paterson (7,4)

The film, which closely looks at Paterson's seemingly ordinary life, shows us that life is hidden in detail. Paterson, who has a fairly calm air, pushes the audience into questioning. Adam Driver and Gülşifte Ferahani are on the lead when Jim Jarmusch directs Filmin. She is also nominated for prestigious awards such as Filmin Golden Palm and Cannes.

5. The Jungle Book (7,4)

The Jungle Book of fantasy-adventure is ideal for watching the maids on a holiday. The US-made film tells about the "human puppy" called Mowgli, raised by animals in the jungle. However, Mowgli's presence will disturb the other living creatures living in the forest and the peace will deteriorate.

6. Let The Right One In (7,9)

Let's take the horror movie lovers like this. Let The Right One In, a Swedish-made vampire film, translated into Turkish as "Enter Your Breath". Let The Right One In tells of Oskar's friendship with a vampire who was excluded by his 12-year-old friends. The film goes on in the 1980s …

7. Selma (7,5)

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