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In Brazil, animation industry has been living for 100 years, and animation artists are carrying their line dreams on the screen. Animation artists from here are now influential and important in Hollywood and European industry. Annecy International Animation Film Festival draws attention to this issue in its 2018 promotion campaign and publishes 100 seconds of very nice animation. The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) is participating in the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, which will continue until June 16 in France.

History of Brazil's Line

Agency F / Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi sequenced the campaign in many different ways. Outside of the 100-second promotional film, there are outdoor digital advertisements to be held throughout the event, and 10 mini documentaries to be watched by the participants. Participants travel to the animation industry's past 10 mini-documentaries.

Alton, the filmmaker's duo, thought it was a difficult task for them to tell the past of the Brazilian animation. But the fact that this mission was real did not frighten eyes because the idea attracted a lot of attention. The 100-second film presents an important character anthology of Brazilian animation history in chronological order. This collection includes characters from children's cartoon shows to TV commercials, from animated films such as "The Boy And The World," nominated in the Oscar in 2016, to Cuca in 1917.

While setting up the duo, the director invited animation and filmmakers from many areas to work on this project. A team of writers, art directors, cel animation, stop-motion, visual effects specialists was formed and a dynamic film was created.

Apex Brasil
Title: Cem Anos em Cem Segundos
Creative Team Officer: Fabio Fernandes
Creative Directors: Apex Brasil
Advertisement agency: F / Nazca Saatchi & Pedro Padro, Rodrigo Castellari
Art Directors / Authors: Mica Moran, Luiz Brodo, Marcelo Almeida
Customer Relations: Saulo Sanchez, Rafael Cappelli, Gabriela Marques, Julia Marquezi, Camila Larroudé
Media Services: Mauricio Almeida, Adriana Roza, Leonardo Sousa
Planning: Rita Albuquerque, Quentin Mahe
Vetor Zero
Directed by: Alton
Editing: Nascente Nascimento, Fernanda Sousa, Rafael Paes, Victor Alloza Vetor Zero Team
Responsible Producer: Alberto Lopes and Sergio Salles
Post Production: Vetor Zero Team Online: Vivi Torre
Account Managers / Line Producer: Fernanda Germek, Marcia Guimarães
Guest Sa natçılar: Alceu Baptistao – Tartaruga, Alê Abreu – Menino eo mundo, Angeli – Wood & Stock e Rê Bordosa, Celia Catunda – Luna e Peixonauta, Cesar Cabral – Dossiê Rê Bordosa, Clóvis Vieira – Cassiopéia, Juliano Enrico – Irmão do Jorel, Mastrorigo – Luna e Peixonauta, Luiz Bolognesi – Uma História de Amor e Fúria, Marcos Magalhães – Ratinho Azul e Meow, Otto Guerra – Wood & Stock: Sexo, Orégano e Rock'n'Roll, Paolo Conti – Minhocas, Ribas – Lino uma aventura de sete vidas, Rosana Urbes – Guida, Thiago Martins – Fudêncio, Victor Hugo – Historietas Assombradas, Walbercy Ribas – O Grilo Feliz eo Homenzinho Azul, Zé Brandão – Tromba Trem
Audio Production Company: Satélite Áudio
Accountant: Equipe Satélite
Account Responsibilities: Fernanda Costa, Tatiane Dias Ferreira
Customer Approval: Carlos Villanova, Pricila Caied, Fabio Galvão

Visual: Vimeo

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