10 things you should know about bran

Bran is a hair problem that people often meet. Most people can not find a solution because they have the wrong information about dandruff. As a High Heels team we have listed what you need to know about bran . You can learn how to get healthy hair by reading the truth about dandruff thanks to our special news.

In general, it is thought that your head drifts more frequently in dry hair. However, on the contrary, the bran is more in the fat head. Cells existing in the head skin are destroyed and renewed. If this collapse is fast, the dandruff problem starts. In addition, oily hair causes the cells to grow on the skin.

Bran is not a problem caused by bacteria or viruses. There is no such thing as to get rid of the dandruff completely. However, you can treat with various products that reduce and control the disease.

Most people use oily products to get rid of dandruff. Often, natural oils such as olive oil or coconut oil are recommended. However, the bran is already more common in a greasy bottom. The oil-containing treatments you use to relieve the dandruff problem lead to more fatty and sticky cows.

Do not apply methods that will harden and thicken your hair, such as digging, picking, to purify your bovines. These methods lead to the cruel and bleeding of your scalp.

Should whole-wheat hair be washed less? No. In fact, you can go to the bathroom every day to clean your bovine and hair spots. You can also use shampoo with a tonic and tonic-destroying properties to reduce head clenching.

Peeling regularly on the scalp, lifting flaked hips from the center and not hurting the skin. The head helps your skin to breathe. If you are going to peel at home with natural methods, you should do a good research. Otherwise, your skin may be damaged.

Hair styling products do not trigger dandruff formation. Some of the causes of the dandruff problem are genetic, stress and eating habits.

Dandruff problem can cause hair loss. Thick and dense dandruff sticks to hair roots and prevents air intake. At the same time, it will prevent your hair from reaching a healthy growth.

It is more likely that a dandruff problem occurs in the head of winter. Because, the foods that are eaten in the winter trigger the formation of dandruff. These are foods containing whole-fat dairy products, sugar or spices. In addition, the stress experienced during the winter months is greater and the bathing is less. All this leads to the problem of dandruff.

Any shedding in the head skin does not originate from the bran. Dandruff is just one of the causes of exfoliation. Apart from bran, many different problems such as fungus, eczema can cause scaly head

You learned about 10 things you should know about bran . We advise you to see a doctor to understand and treat your hair problem.

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