10 suggestions for a summer wedding

You have decided to make your summer wedding and you want this special day to be perfect. In that case, you should think about the mishaps that will come to your wedding day and take your precaution. As the High Heels team we are offering useful suggestions for a summer wedding .

Flies and small pests begin to appear with the greenery of summer. Pests can be a bit annoying, especially if you prefer a short bridal model. Therefore, be sure to take your fingernails from fly products and apply both your legs and arms in abundance.

If you are a candidate for the bride, be sure to get a babet at your side.

If you are a groom candidate, be sure to have a spare shirt in order to dance both comfortably and comfortably in the heat.

3 days before the wedding, someone from your close friends will take care of the aeration and food control of the room. Thus, if the wedding sun is at the top of the hill at times and outdoors, shaded areas can be created with tents

Make sure your old invitees are in a shadowy table and put a fan on their table. You can also ask the waiters to serve plenty of water.

You should definitely have an emergency case.

Everything you might need for a spare spoon, needle thread and makeup material from the necessary medicines.

If you are having your wedding, choose light menus suitable for summer. Limit alcoholic beverages and focus on serving water and soft drinks.

The groom candidates will definitely use a water based product for their faces that day. A freshly shaved skin, both hot air and all invitations can cause kissing on the skin. In this case, a water-based product will refresh the skin.

If you are the bridegirl and you are going to be out on the wedding evening, take a light shawl. So after the sweating, the coolness in the afternoon will not cause you to chill.

If you are in a country wedding and prefer a heeled shoe under your dress, you can use it from heel protective products to make it more comfortable to walk around.

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