10 minutes of meditation videos

to reach the summit of mental and physical awareness

The fact that the mind moves away from all the stimuli, at the same time, ensures that it is free from worries and worries. This is exactly what meditation does. By providing both mental and physical awareness, the person can manage stress, feelings, attention, and much more about himself.


Meditation has many benefits that are known. The most basic feature among these benefits is awareness, as mentioned above. In this sense, a person can go on a journey to self-recognition and 'find himself'. It is known that crime-prone individuals meditate and find no reason for their behavior, tend to cleanse their minds from them, and tend not to commit such criminal behavior.

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Scientific research has shown that the cortex, which is located on the left side of the brain and responsible for positive emotions, is more active in meditating individuals. In addition, increased awareness and a growing sense of acceptance through meditation have great influence on one's happiness.

Guide to finding the most suitable meditation technique for you


On the other hand, some of the studies on meditation focus on the feature of slowing aging. According to this; Meditation has a positive effect on the length of the telomeres in the DNA helix. It is known that the length of telomeres is influenced by the biological age of the person, that is, the rate of aging. Longer telomeres mean slower aging. Meditation, on the other hand, can make telomeres elongate and slow aging when done regularly. This is thought to be particularly related to the decline in stress levels.

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Body health

While meditation helps relax the body, it helps increase blood nitric oxide levels in the body, causing blood vessels to expand and blood pressure to drop. Patients suffering from high blood pressure may start to suffer from this problem by starting meditation. Scientific studies have also found that meditation strengthens immunity.

The way to a healthier and more peaceful life: meditation

If you want to take advantage of meditation but still do not know how to do it, you can take advantage of the 10 minute meditation videos prepared by Yoga together:

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