10 Madness Ryan Reynolds' Battle with Anxiety with Amazing Details


Ryan Reynolds; Deadpool and X-Men, climbing to the top of their career, a successful player who has been spoken well with his happy marriage to Blake Lively. We did not know until Ryan Reynols, an admirer of millions of fans from all over the world, had been fighting anxiety throughout his life until the New York Times interview. Reynolds tells all sincerity and clarity about this struggle that is difficult to understand and understandable from the outside …

1. Every year in May, in the framework of the Spirit Health Awareness Month, many projects are passed on to draw attention to mental health. Famous actor Ryan Reynolds also told the New York Times his battle with anxiety in an interview

2. "I have an anxiety disorder, it was always there," he begins to describe this illness that covers his entire life

3. Despite being a famous actor, he still has nausea before he goes out to talk shows, is afraid and really believes he will die

4. Even on the day of his interview with the New York Times, he could barely have something to eat because he was nervous and tense to be interviewed. Interviews were driving him crazy

5. The relationship with Ryan's police officer was not so good, he called it "home stress"

6. He always kept the house immaculate in order to prevent the momentary outbreak of his father

7. "When you put your child under pressure, they suddenly have a strange paradox that they take on the responsibilities they should not undertake alone"

8. Ryan is also known for his humorous use to conceal anarchy …

9. Interviewing with a character is helping him, taking the idea of ​​being someone else

10. "When the curtains open, I am completely in that character and that character takes my place. The moment I threw my step out of the setter is leaving me again "

11. He uses a meditation practice to beat his worries and stay calm and makes a great effort to treat his own joint

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