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Since 1954, Cannes Lions has been raising the grip on the advertising and creativity industry and rewarding creative work that applies trends in the right way. Selected works inspire new-found creators. Employees in the industry are challenged and self-developed. There are a lot of advertisements every year, but every job does not sound as good as a prize from Cannes Lions.

This year, the Cannes Lions festival is held at the 65th anniversary of the 18-22 May. As Bigumigu, we will share news from the festival again this year and we will pass on the end to you. But before we started the festival, we had a look at the last 10 years and in some important categories that have not changed for decades, where the language, tone and artistic management of the advertisements went from where they went. Media Film Print & Publishing Cyber ​​ Promo & Activation and Direct After the categories Outdoor .

Who Has Received the Grand Prix in the Last 10 Years?

2007: Nedbank "Power To The People

One of South Africa's poorest neighborhoods, Nedbank and the agency designed the open-air fleet to store solar energy and distribute energy to schools

Advertiser agency: Network BBDO
Advertiser: Nedbank

2008: HBO "HBO Voyeur"

HBO visualized the advertising and marketing history of HBO on the "Voyeur" project. The users were invited to see events that took place in eight fictional New York offices. The prominent feature of the campaign was a five minute demonstration on the side of a building on the streets of Broome and Ludlow in New York from June 28 to July 1, and again from July 5 to 8, Hbovoyeur.com, a Filmin site, was produced with the slogan "See what people are doing when they think that no one is watching".

Advertising agency: BBDO, New York
Advertiser: Home Box Office, Inc. / HBO

Cannes Lions 2008: Open Grand Prize BBDO

2009: The Zimbabwean "Trillion Dollar Campaign"

The campaign to raise the sales of journalists in England and South Africa was used as an advertising tool on the banner and billboards to raise awareness about the country's situation. The money devalued in the campaign is an art piece and a critique.

Advertiser agency: The Zimbabwean Limited

Advertiser agency: TBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg

2010: Andes "Teletransporter"

The launch of the campaign to promote Andes, the Argentinian brand, has designed a cabin where you can talk comfortably when you want to go out with your friends and you are waiting for your call. When entering this cabinet, people could open one of the recorded voices and change the harmony of the environment and pretend to be somewhere else instead of on the floor.

Advertiser agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Argentina
Advertiser: AB Inbev / Andes

2010: Diesel "Be Stupid"

"Be Stupid," encouraged people to make mistakes, to act ridiculous and to live life differently, and was interested both digitally and outdoors.

Advertiser agency: Anomaly
Advertiser: Diesel

Diesel – Be Stupid

2011: Bing "Decode Jay-Z with Bing"

More than 300 pages, including the biography of Jay-Z, were studied in open air advertisements prepared for the promotion of Bing. These pages were placed on different billboards and targeted places where Jay-Z grew up, where he lived.

Advertiser agency: Droga5
Advertiser: Microsoft / Bing

2012: Coca-Cola "#Cokehands"

Coca-Cola, in collaboration with Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai, realized the "Coke Hands" open-air minimal visual campaign in April 2012. The iconic work, which was placed in the bus stop racks in China, bearing the brand's friendship and sharing spirit, was designed by Jonathan Mak Long, who sketched his silhouette after the death of Steve Jobs in the Apple logos.

Advertiser agency: Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai
Advertiser: Coca-Cola Company / Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola, CokeHands Open Campaign

2012: Mercedes-Benz "The Invisible Drive"

"The Invisible Drive" is an environment setting out on the roads in Germany. The agency created an LED-zero zero emission F-cell car that displays images from a camera attached to the sides of the car to create the illusion that the car is invisible. The car had to be "invisible" to the neighborhood.

Advertiser agency: Jung von Matt AG
Advertiser: Daimler AG / Mercedes-Benz

2013: IBM "Smarter Ideas for Smarter Cities"

Intelligent solutions for intelligent cities as the outlet point of the agency redesigning open air panels like product design to provide ease of use within the city

Advertiser agency: Ogilvy Paris
Advertiser: IBM

IBM Intelligent Advertising Communities for Intelligent Cities

2014: ANZ Australia "ANZ GAYTMS"

ANZ Bank is campaigning to draw attention to the gay festival in Sydney; They decorated 10 ATMs in different concepts and turned them into "GAYTM" and gave them a name. It was called "Hello Sailor" with bright stones, "Mo Town" with a mustache pattern and "Pink Ink" with a tattoo pattern. Cash-out and proud "slips were given to those trading at ATMs.

Advertiser agency: Whybin TBWA Group
Advertiser: Australia & New Zealand Banking Group / ANZBank

Velev Ki These ATMs Gay!

Cannes Outdoors Lions Winners [Cannes Lions 2014]

2015: Apple "World Gallery"

Apple's ambitious smartphone models reveal that iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can take high-quality photos with enhanced camera sensor The iPhone 6s World Gallery (iPhone 6s World Gallery) There are a total of 53 photographs taken by 41 people living in their countries.

Advertising agency: TBWA Media Arts Lab
Advertiser: Apple Inc. / Apple

Apple World Gallery Colored with Children's Photos on April 23

2016: DB Export "Brewtroleum – The Process"

Saying that it produced biofuels with the rest of the beer production, the brand shared outdoor advertisements with the discourse of "saving a beer inside and saving lives."

Advertising agency: Colenso BBDO Auckland
Advertiser: DB Breweries Ltd. / DB Export

2017: State Street Global Advisors "Fearless Girl Arrives"

An unexpected guerrilla placement for Wall Street on the financial center of the United States for March 8, Women's Day, continued to be spoken to today. The statue named Fearless Girl was placed just opposite the Charging Bull statue, which was transformed into the symbol of Wall Street on the morning of March 8

Advertiser agency: McCann Worldgroup
Advertiser: State Street Corporation

The Fearless Little Girl Against the Bulwark Prepared for Attack

Fearless Girl Win Three Grand Prix in One Night [Cannes Lions 2017]

2017: Twitter "What's Happening"

The simplicity of the idea and practice in the campaign resolved within Twitter influenced the whole Cannes jury.

Advertiser: Twitter

Visual: Adforum Bigumigu

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