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Since 1954, Cannes Lions has been raising the grip on the advertising and creativity industry and rewarding creative work that applies trends in the right way. Selected works inspire new-found creators. Employees in the industry are challenged and self-developed. There are a lot of advertisements every year, but every job does not sound as good as a prize from Cannes Lions.

This year, the Cannes Lions festival is held at the 65th anniversary of the 18-22 May. As Bigumigu, we will share news from the festival again this year and we will pass on the end to you. But before we started the festival, we had a look at the last 10 years and in some important categories that have not changed for decades, where the language, tone and artistic management of the advertisements went from where they went. After the categories of Media Film Print & Publishing Cyber ​​ and Promo & Activation 't .

Who Has Received the Grand Prix in the Last 10 Years?

2007: Banco Gallego "Lopetegui Deposit"

Barcelona's former goalkeeper for Banco Gallego's ad fainted in a live broadcast, and no one could find out why. After a while, the brand turned it into a campaign and the viral spread campaign was downloaded 700 thousand times.

Advertiser agency: Shackleton Group
Advertiser: Banco Gallego

2008: The Times Of India "Lead India"

The campaign called for the people of India to change. The Grand Prix campaign came to life in India after the award and was spoken for a while.

Advertising agency: J. Walter Thompson India
Advertiser: Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. / The Times Of India

2009: Tourism Queensland "The Best Job in the World"

The project won the Grand Prix by linking the elements it uses digitally.

Advertiser agency: Tourism Queensland

Advertisement agency: SapientNitro Asia Pacific

2010: Orcon Broadband "Corcon + Iggy Pop

The brand and agency that selected 9 New Zealand musician campaigns to measure Internet provider speed gave musicians a chance to record live with Skype via Iggy Pop.

Advertiser agency: Special Group
Advertiser: Orcon Broadband

2011: ROM "The American Takeover"

Romania's traditional chocolate brand ROM changed the institutional identity of chocolate to the American brand because of its air-stopping perception, making it more American

Advertiser agency: McCann Worldgroup
Advertiser: Kandia-Excelent / ROM

2012: American Express Open "Small Business Official Day"

Focusing on small business payments, the campaign created a shopping holiday for them.

Advertiser agency: CP + B, Boulder
Advertiser: American Express / American Express Open

2013: Metro Trains "Dumb Ways to Die"

The security campaign won the Grand Prix in that year, signing a record. We see the animated characters making silly things and dying when it comes to music videos. At the same time, the campaign, which was also a mobile game, made a lot of noise that year.

Ad agency: McCann Erickson Melbourne
Advertiser: Metro Trains

The Australians of passing the Yellow Line

2014: British Airways "The Magic of Flying"

Ogilvy & Mather UK created a campaign named Magic of Flying for British Airways, which shows the movement of children pointing out the point where they check the location of the planes around the #LookUp tag.

Advertiser agency: OgilvyOne Worldwide London
Advertiser: British Airways

Cannes Lions 2014 Story of the Direct Lion Grand Prix Award [Kristal Elma 2015]

2015: Volvo "Interception"

A short question was answered in the campaign on Twitter for the 2015 Super Bowl. Volvo XC60 was intended for people to interact with someone who would like to go on and on.

Advertiser agency: Gray New York
Advertiser: Volvo

Winning Jobs in the Direct Category [Cannes Lions 2015]

2016: Swedish Tourist Association "The Swedish Number"

Citizens of the country, having a phone number determined by the Swedish Ministry of Tourism to celebrate the 250th anniversary of being the first country to abolish censorship, opened up a stranger who wanted to get to know Swedish more closely.

Advertiser agency: Ingo
Advertiser: The Swedish Tourist Council / Swedish Tourist Association

Sweden: First Country with Own Phone Number

Winning Jobs in the Direct Category [Cannes Lions 2016]

2017: Whopper "Google Home of the Whopper"

A 15-second ad that activated Google Home and allowed them to identify Whopper, Wikipedia's Whopper was suddenly read in people's homes, giving content that would not fit in 15 seconds.

Advertiser agency: DAVID
Advertiser: Burger King / Whopper

Google Home of the Whopper – Burger King

Burger King's ingenious leaked Whopper ad on Google Home received a Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity Direct category. Agency: DAVID The Agency Miami # CannesLions2017 For information: http://bigumigu.com/haber/google- You can follow the #CannesLions content of Akbank and Bigumigu instantly from bigumigu.com/canneslions and instagram.com/bigumigu Story share in grandu prix-cannes-lions-2017 / home-hand-burger-kinge-direct-category .

Bigumigu shared: 21 June 2017 Wednesday

Burger King's Google Home'a ​​Cunningly Leaking Whopper Advertisement

Burger King Directed Grand Prix to Google Home [Cannes Lions 2017]

Visual: Adforum Bigumigu

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