10 different ways to say no to draw your personal boundaries

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We all agree that we have free will, we know that we have preferences. If you are, we all put ourselves and our own soul health in front of other things, and we can say "No" when necessary. But that is not the case in practice, and often we can feel the need to say yes to people and things that are not for us. Why?

The only real and true cause of not saying

The real reason why you say no is not to look rude like you think, or to fear that people will not like us. It is not your pleasure to have a job given to you. We know you're worried, "If I do not do this, who will do it?" But that's not the main reason why you accept it.

All these are valid and uncommon reasons for not saying that, but the underlying reason is that you have not been able to identify what you really want, what you are really happy about. For this reason, the work-life balance can overwhelm the business and this situation can spread over the years. Because you do not have anything else to do in the rest of your life.

If you have been in the mausoleum since you have not been a place or a person to be in the evening during your professional life, how can you tell?

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<p class= People hope to see things that they say yes someday. A job that is hard work, but a job that gives your emancipation, a new lover, the possibility that the people you meet soon become your next best friends … So, many things can not say no, whether they will force them materially or spiritually. Hope is always there.

10 different ways to say no to hurt

It is a much more efficient method to say no and to separate ourselves from this time of ourselves. No word goes through your head, but if it never goes out, there are other ways of getting it out of the hole. If you can adopt the logic of the following rejection patterns, you can maintain a healthy, guilt-free relationship with the person you are rejecting:

Explained: "I can not join because we are abroad, but thanks for your invitation."

Important note: Print the need to say no to look after the nose.

Soft but stable: "Thank you for asking, but it seems unlikely for me."

By throwing the ball to someone else: "I have some work, but I might suggest another one to help you in this matter."

Loyalty to the program: "The next two weeks are not appropriate for me, but we can talk for the rest."

"Thank you very much for thinking of me, but I can not make such a program with anyone."

Grateful: "I am very happy that you trust me, thank you but this time I can not help you."

Communication is open: "Can not we set another date that is right for you, not currently?"

Not hesitating to take time: "Will you allow me to think about it a little and return to you like that?"

Prioritization: "There is a show of my daughter that day, I will never miss it."

"I am not sure that I can handle this, but the authority on the subject is as follows …"

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